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Bone vol 9: Crown of Horns

Bone vol 9: Crown of Horns back

Jeff Smith


Page 45 Review by Mark

Well it's all over and it works. For those who haven't strayed in this magical story, here's what's gone on before. The three Bone cousins have been run out of their home town due to Phoney's money making schemes. They find themselves in a valley full of strange creatures and make their way to Barrelhaven where they're taken in and the grand plot begins to play out. The land is threatened by a dark power, one that threatens to turn the world to night and one girl is slowly coming around to remembering who she is. And how she can stop it. There are talking bugs, huge dragons, stupid rat creatures and a great swarm of locusts.

I think I compared this to Lord Of The Rings but maybe I meant the Hobbit. It's warmer than the big, big story. Funny with dark corners that grow in stature as the tale goes on.

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