Yes, we know you could just do a search using the names of creators for a list of all their books, but we felt that there are some creators whom you might not have heard of like Jason, or whose magnificent works you might not have checked out yet like the late, great Will Eisner. Hence we created this section to stimulate your curiosity!

Also so you can have a browse through some of the lesser-known works of well known creators like Alan Moore, Garth Ennis, Brian Michael Bendis etc. at your leisure without having to search the site for them. For example, we make a point of stocking every Warren Ellis book that is in print just so you can explore the full range of his madness.

So take your time and have a good browse around because this section is jam packed to its rafters with the finest quality reading material.


Brian Azzarello Kyle Baker Donna Barr Brian Michael Bendis Jeffrey Brown Ed Brubaker Eddie Campbell Julie Doucet Warren Ellis Will Eisner Garth Ennis Neil Gaiman Paul Hornschemeier Jason Nabiel Kanan James Kochalka Dave McKean Frank Miller Alan Moore Grant Morrison John Porcellino Joe Sacco Seth Bryan Talbot Lewis Trondheim Andi Watson Brian Wood