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Legend Of Zelda vol 4: Oracle Of Seasons

Legend Of Zelda vol 4: Oracle Of Seasons back

Akira Himekawa


Page 45 Review by Tom

More running around and hitting things with swords as you try and find the special item pivotal in solving the mysteries of escaping our basement. It's not nice down there, but you'll think twice before putting your hands in the merchandise cabinet without permission again, yeah?!

[Editor's confession: Tom is referring to a weekend six months previous when I told customer Rob Sinfield's young son that if he touched the figures in the cabinet one more time then a trapdoor would open and he'd fall into our pit of snakes. On reflection - you know, when the tears started streaming down the poor kid's face - it was a mite harsh, but I tell you those tiny little hands never so much as wandered in the vicinity of the cabinet again. And it made his father laugh, so...]

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