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Simply click on the 'buy now' bag above and then enter your address and card details at the checkout.

We will adjust to the correct total this end for your standing order goodies including the postage which is only at cost, not a penny more. Please note, you don't get charged the pound deposit.

For a one-off mail order due to the coronavirus that is all the information we need, we can then get your stuff straight out to you. If you request a second order etc. as and when you want it, there will be no need to do it again, you can just tell us to send.

If you already know you want regular mail order on a temporary on-going basis due to the coronavirus, please just "buy" the deposit as above then drop us a quick email at to tell us if you want your stuff sending weekly or monthly (give us the approximate date in the month if monthly).

And please feel free to add any other items you might like from the store before you complete your order. We'll manually adjust the postage as and if required to ensure you're not paying more than you should.

Any questions, please just call us on 0115 9508045 or email us at

Many thanks!