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X-Men: Epic Collection vol 3 - Sentinels Live s/c

X-Men: Epic Collection vol 3 - Sentinels Live s/c back

Roy Thomas, Arnold Drake, Gary Friedrich, more & Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, Werner Roth, Don Heck, more


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Professor X is dead! The X-Men have gone their separate ways! In the late 1960s, searching for a way to reinvigorate its poorest-selling super heroes, Marvel was trying anything and everything. With the title on the verge of cancellation, writer Roy Thomas and artist Neal Adams suddenly clicked - and the rest is history! Their epic evolution of the X-Men defines the team to this day. Adams' lavish and dynamic visuals and Thomas' challenging and contemporary stories combined in a book that throbbed with the pulse of the times. Their iconic stories collected here introduce Cyclops' brother Havok, the vampiric villain Sauron, the Savage Land Mutates and X-Man-to-be Sunfire! Not to mention the Living Pharaoh, a classic team-up with Ka-Zar…and don't forget the return of Magneto! Collecting X-MEN (1963) #46-66, KA-ZAR (1970) #2-3 and MARVEL TALES (1964) #30. All Ages