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The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On back

Roger Langridge


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Spud, I could kiss you if I hadn't diagnosed your hepatitis personally!

Welcome to Professor Langridge's Theatre of the Absurd (otherwise known as Mugwhump's Palace of Varieties), here to teach you muppets how to steal the show, play on words and make a total farce of yourself while treading the boards and making them squeak. It's one long pantomime starring pug-ugly numbskulls including Fred The Clown, Knuckles The Malevolent Nun, Frankenstein's Monster and Shirley Temple. Also Franz Kafka:

I never metamorphosis I didn't like!

Journey to Hell and back with Jack Shit, the devil in the detail and dissembler supreme! (Please note: he lied about the back.) Shield your fury from Doc Spin, Agent of A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. as he dances dangerously close to Marvel Comics copyright infringement while saving its comicbook universe from the dreaded Continuity Bomb!

Look, Spingirl, he's making his escape through that hole in the plot!

Then betide your woe at Doctor Sputnik's faithless assistant Spud:

I had a kitten once but I broke it.

From the pratfall punster behind FRED THE CLOWN and ART D'ECCO, it's one big cacophony of cartoon craft and background clatter. Exuberance and euphoria are just two words I know beginning with the letter 'e'. This artist exhibits more!