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The Philosopher, The Dog And The Wedding (Bookplate Edition) s/c

The Philosopher, The Dog And The Wedding (Bookplate Edition) s/c back

Barbara Stok


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Greece, the 4th century BCE. Hipparchia is about to marry the rich son of a family friend when she meets Crates. As the marriage approaches, Hipparchia becomes more and more captivated by the views and way of life of this strange philosopher who lives like a wanderer. Gradually she starts to realize that the safe, comfortable life of luxury that has been mapped out for her is actually a life of emptiness.

This book shows us that the insights from thousands of years ago are still relevant today. One of the fundamental principles of the Cynics was that we can only attain true happiness if we are independent of material possessions and social position. Hipparchia was a strong woman who had the courage to live by her own ideals, despite all the prevailing beliefs of her time.