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various including Hanna Berry, Stephen Collins, Steven Appleby, Dix, Steve Bell, Karrie Fransman, Kate Evans, Paul Rainey


Page 45 Review by Stephen

That's a pretty impressive line-up and it's only scratching the surface. A quick glance down the credits shows 40-odd contributors with one to three pages each.

Anyway, I've been on holiday this week, so for once I'll let the publisher speak before adding a few choice words myself because this was very well written:

"Pollsters called it a foregone conclusion. Columnists said Theresa May's snap general election wouldn't just return her a thumping majority in the House of Commons it would plunge the Opposition into existential crisis. For Labour MPs, concerns about job security in an age of zero-hours contracts suddenly felt uncomfortably close to home.

"And then something happened. Momentum got to work. Grime4Corbyn gathered steam. Clicktivists became door-knocking, flag-waving activists. Jezza talked jam on the One Show and opened for the Libertines at Prenton Park. All this while Theresa turned into the Maybot and the Conservatives released a manifesto that looked bad for people and even worse for animals.

"Islington-dwelling socialist, bike-riding pacifist, green-fingered threat to the status quo: this revolutionary anthology captures the qualities and quirks of the Daily Mail's worst nightmare."

The Guardian wrote:

"In one incarnation, he is Corbyn the Barbarian, facing off against the Maydusa. In another, Corbynman leaves his 'mild mannered allotment of solitude' to take on the 'inter-dimensional invasion fleet of Daily Mail death drones blasting everything with their Tory food bank rays' with a rallying battle cry of 'jam on!'. Just in time for the Labour party conference, an unlikely superhero is preparing to take his place alongside the likes of Spider-Man and Wonder Woman: Jeremy Corbyn."

SelfMadeHero's Sam wrote:

"Just back from the Labour Conference, where many people took the comic too seriously (the cult of Corbyn! Infantalisation! Nonsense!) but many more got the joke."

He's such a lovely!

You're probably no longer reading this so I'm going to feel free to add my two cents' worth. Not about Theresa Dismay who's transparently such a "liar, liar, liar", but about Corbyn who can be equally disingenuous.

Oh, I'm a huge Corbyn fan. Proudly Socialist, me, and Jezza genuinely cares. He has a heart of gold, the lacerating quick wit of a stand-up comedian and the oratory of an angel when he's not being an unnecessarily old grumpy-goat. I'd happily vote for every one of his policies... except Brexit.

See, the thing is, Corbyn was always in favour of Brexit, so he "somehow" "inconveniently" lost his voice during the Brexit campaign (mislaid down the back of the sofa where he knew he could find it immediately during the General Election campaign) and has since been all too happy to let this most horrifically expensive, economically disastrous, culturally catastrophic and completely counter-productive grudge go unchecked because dear Wedgie Benn (he is adored!) once wanted it to leave Europe too (in this he was flawed!).

And that's all this is for the Britons who bought into Brexit: a decades-old grudge against Europe based on Daily Mail lies that straight bananas would be mandatory (they never were, were they?) and the Continent wanted to mess about with our cheese or something.

So, you know, that's what I mean by disingenuous.

I'd quite like an Opposition, please.

Still, always end on a high note and if you think renationalising Fractured Rail is going to be expensive (you cannot have a transport or environmental policy without a nationalised British Rail) then have you even seen the Brexit bills so far? And Europe's proposed costs for quitting...?

Just think of all the money we could have poured into the NHS hahahahahahaha! *sobs*

Hey, this comic is one long review of Jeremy Corbyn, so I'm only joining in.

[Strips shown by Richard Dearing, Martin Rowson, Louis Netter & Olly Gruner in that order - ed.]
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