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The Book Of Mr. Natural

The Book Of Mr. Natural back

Robert Crumb


Page 45 Review by Stephen

"You're just a crazed old man... that's what you are! And I'm half crazy for ever taking you seriously!"
"Now we're getting somewhere! Come here, I'll let ya in on a secret! THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IS COMPLETELY INSANE!"

Meet Mr. Natural, all shoes and beard, finger perpetually raised, poised to pronounce advice to those like Flakey Foont who are too feckless to think for themselves. It's like some sort of lovers' battle as Foont oscillates between adoration and desperation to declaring his mentor a fraud; the same goes equally for Mr. Natural as he lectures his acolytes then refuses to say a word, rejecting the fawning Foont as he hops about him maddeningly. Getting back to nature and away from cars, television sets and household appliances is what Mr. Natural is all about - which is odd for someone so fixated on washing the dishes. It's all about meditation, not the ostentation of "Omm"ing on the streets of Sham Francisco. Sex too is a top priority, but not at the cost of commitment which infuriates the insatiably horny Devil Girl ("I want to merge with you!").

So is Mr. Natural a sage or a charlatan? Absolutely. He's also, if you believe one version, an ex-taxi driver from Afghanistan.

Classic underground material from way back then.