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Telepathy Practice (Sketched In)

Telepathy Practice (Sketched In) Telepathy Practice (Sketched In) Telepathy Practice (Sketched In) Telepathy Practice (Sketched In)

Telepathy Practice (Sketched In) back

Joe Decie


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Here's let's practice our telepathy. I'm thinking of an object. Try to picture it..."
"Ok. It's working."
"I was thinking of a square."
"I saw an ice cream."
"Shall we try again?"
"Or shall we buy an ice cream?"

Haha, the prince of punch lines returns with another twenty single-page strips that will have you gagging on your cuppa. Note: never drink whilst reading Joe's work or you risk unleashing a mirthy maelstrom of nasally projected beverage. You have been warned!

As ever Joe covers an eclectic range of topics including almost entirely truthful nuggets about family time with his mum, his take on a breakfast classic, worrying (a classic Joe pastime), peculiar British Spring Bank holiday traditions, through to the odd outrageously entirely false fabrication such as his time spent working in the fashion houses of Paris and New York...

Yes, you can't beat a good four-panel fandango! Joe is the master of taking a mundane everyday scenario... his time as the King of Couture aside... and grinding out our grimaces and groans as he takes one step beyond into the fringes of frippery and frivolity ending up somewhere entirely unexpected and utterly implausible, Occasioning you to realise the boy Decie has done it to you again...

Well, not the boy Decie, for the boy Decie is of course Joe's son, who as long-time Decie devotees will know is frequently wheeled out to provide yet another deadpan delivery to torpedo Joe's proverbial ship. It's a lovely conceit that as the owner of an inadvertent child comedian myself, I recognise all too well. I just hope the boy Decie has negotiated image rights with his dad... An ice cream or two at least...

There are some lovely little extras hidden around a Decie book too, if you keep your eyes peeled. Hint: interior covers, front and rear, including this time around some disturbing tasting notes, highly dubious advice on comic storage, plus a sketch of a dripping cone of cold, creamy goodness, complete with flake, apparently sent back in time from the future... How does he do that? Still, good to know that Old Man Decie will still be fracking the nature reserves of domestic comedy for years to come!

Don't forget the back cover either! The back cover in particular cracked me up as Joe tries one last gambit to ensnare the browsing customer by employing a telepathic suggestion implanting selling technique I have occasionally been known to try on a customer myself...

"It's a comic book. I think you'll like it."

You will, you really will.

Please see Joe's COLLECTING STICKS graphic novel for Decie's long-form family antics, and for more four-panel brilliance, please see DOGS DISCO and POCKET FULL OF COFFEE, then I BLAME GRANDMA and THERE'S NO BATH IN THIS BATHROOM for something inbetween.
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