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Quarantine Comix s/c

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Rachael Smith


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'Funny and sad and relatable and wise - Rachael Smith's Quarantine Comix are like the hug from a friend you didn't know you needed.' Chris Addison 'In a period where every day seemed the same, Rachael found a way to make every day different. A tiny, comforting light of understanding, humour and hope in a dark time.' Kieron Gillen, author and creator of The Wicked + The DivineAn award-winning graphic memoir of lockdown life, Quarantine Comix is a funny, tender, heartfelt and insightful look at isolation. Written and drawn every day during the 2020 lockdown and shared online with #QuarantineComix, 2020 Comedy Women in Print-shortlisted Rachael Smith's delightful comics helped people who were isolated all over the world to feel connected.

At times laugh-out-loud funny, at others bitter-sweet, philosophical or downright silly, this collection of 200 drawings tells the story of one woman overcoming loneliness and self-doubt with exquisite, wry humour and raw honesty. During a time when many feel anxious and apart from loved ones, Quarantine Comix offers relief in shared experiences. Praise for Stand in Your Power, shortlisted for the 2020 Comedy Women in Print prize:'Funny, fierce, poignant and reaches the lonely inside us all' Helen Lederer'Rachael uses humour to address her mental health and she does that successfully.' Jen Brister, author of The Other Mother'The tone is self-deprecating - she takes a sad situation and creates an invitation to laugh at it.' Hannah Berry, UK Comics Laureate 2019-21'The execution is one to admire' Janet Ellis'An important subject turned into pages of visual pathos' Nicola Streeton, LDComic