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Pluto Urasawa X Tezuka vol 5

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Naoki Urasawa


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Hercules, one of the few remaining seven most sophisticated robots on the planet:

"The last time I saw him... he was washing his hands. Over and over again... He just wouldn't stop. Can you imagine? A robot who can't stop washing his hands."

Seas incarnadine, mate. Even An Android Can Feel Guilt.

So now it's all come home from the war in Thracia to roost. Hatred, from a field of flowers.

Meanwhile robot children adopted by robot parents are being kidnapped, their A.I. torn out, then broken into tiny pieces; Inspector Gesicht visits the United States of Thracia to interview the interned Darius XIV; and Professor Temna, creator of the comatose Atom as a replacement for his long-lost son, recalls their different reactions and mourns...

Exceptional. Structurally, thematically and visually exceptional, every single one of the Page 45 crew is in awe of this socio-political, sci-fi thriller.

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