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Page 45 Tote Bag

Page 45 Tote Bag back

Mark & Stephen


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Special variant edition with Page 45 graphite font!!!!

Oh, this has come out beautifully - beyond our wildest dreams!

Printed black on calico, and in the richest detail on the sturdiest of soft fabrics, Page 45 presents its 20th Anniversary Tote Bag, a variation on our classic carrier bag design which has long been a fashion statement and status symbol!

It measures 15" across and 16" deep, and I've just slipped in forty comics with ease and slung it over my shoulder - nor did it bite into my palm when carried by hand. You could easily fit in another dozen, or a whole bunch of graphic novels.

No one can remember who designed what any longer, though the leaves were definitely Mark's flourish a few years after we opened. Blown up this large, you can really see the slight bite I couldn't get rid of at the bottom of the oval, but I rather like it!

The lettering's been rearranged to form a satisfying composition for these new dimensions, but even I can't waffle on any longer about something which is basically a bag, so I end with a big tip of the hat to Oversolve for such a pristine print and speedy delivery. Yippee!