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Not A New York Story s/c

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Julian Voloj & Andreas Gefe


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Is this a dream or reality? He can feel her presence. He knows she's there… But she isn't. She takes him on a trip around New York. In all the places he wouldn't go before. Before the accident. From Coney Island to the Lower East Side, he's turning the pages of his life with the one he loved. The one he lost. NOT A NEW YORK LOVE STORY is a tale of emotions, grief and a love letter to a city like no other in the world. Dream or reality?

Julian Voloj's tale plays tricks on your mind and your emotions but never loses his way through a powerful but simple story about two people forever intwined. Andreas Gefe's art brings a mix of fine art and raw expressiveness with a muted color palette that puts New York at the center of the story. NOT A NEW YORK LOVE STORY is not a romantic comedy. It's a drama, a tale of two lost souls with 'the Big Apple' as its witness. The kind of story you'll need to read twice to peel its many
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