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MULP: Sceptre Of The Sun #2

MULP: Sceptre Of The Sun #2 MULP: Sceptre Of The Sun #2 MULP: Sceptre Of The Sun #2

MULP: Sceptre Of The Sun #2 back

Matt Gibbs & Sara Dunkerton


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Matt & Sara's very own Rodentia Of The Lost Ark continues as our bewhiskered adventurers Jack and Vicky head from their revelatory dig site in Egypt, where they uncovered a mysterious stone tablet setting them off on the quest (see MULP #1), over the oceans to the heady heights of Machu Picchu in Peru! They won't encounter any marmalade-crazed bears whilst in the Andes, but there'll certainly be danger and tight squeaks aplenty for our daring duo and their chums Cornelius, Elizabeth and Professor Harvest-Scott, as once again they are beset by the villainous Moreau and the other expedition racing to find the perhaps not so mythical sceptre of the sun.

If you have a liking for fast-paced, period, anthropomorphic adventure amidst beautiful scenery then do take a look. Matt's spinning an epic tale with more protagonist peril for the little blighters than ten back-to-back episodes of Tom and Jerry, whilst Sara's illustrations yet again convey the exotic locales to perfection. It really did take me back to my own breathless ascent of Machu Picchu and also my encounter with those most mysterious markings in the desert, the Nazca Lines. The only question is where in the world will our furry friends up end heading next...? I suspect we might well end up spanning the entire globe before this series is concluded!