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Love And Rockets (Short Stories): Amor Y Cohetes

Love And Rockets (Short Stories): Amor Y Cohetes back

Gilbert Hernandez, Jaime Hernandez


Page 45 Review by Tom

That's Love & Rockets in Spanish! Yes, my intelligence shines at last! All the brothers' non-Maggie/Luba comics from the original series are collected here. The best sci-fi wrestling nonsense you'll ever find stamped on to dead tree. Including Gilbert's early mini-epic "BEM" from LOVE & ROCKETS #1, Jaimie's awesome Rocky and Fumble shorts, and the beautiful Frida Kahlo biography. I don't think I've read most of this stuff (and what I have read, I read once whilst babysitting Mark's cats) so it will be pure joy to go back to them.

[Editor's note]

I should just add that this includes the 'Hernandez Satyricon' liberated from reality and featuring all manner of sexual congress ("Finger in the dyke. Or more accurately finger in the bi! Or is it bike?") at the end of which Jamie himself turns up to fondle a breast ("You people have put me through more mental anguish and emotional stress than I could ever put you through. And you get to live forever!"), plus there's the concluding 'Is It Ten Years Already?' in which Maggie and Hopey regurgitate their creators' FAQs:

"When's Maggie getting skinny again?"
"Is everybody gonna get fat?"
"How come it's called Love & Rockets but there are no rockets?"
"Bring back the rockets."
"Did you get the name from the band?"
"It's your own fault for not sueing them."
"You could work for Disney."
"You should do something for Marvel or DC, just to get your foot in the door."
"Hopey wouldn't do that."
"Lesbians don't do it that way."
"Too cute!"
"Totally idealized!"
"I think I have a crush on Maggie."
"I never thought I'd ever fall in love with a comicbook character."

Must have been great getting those out of the system!

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