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Love And Rockets (Palomar & Luba vol 1): Heartbreak Soup

Love And Rockets (Palomar & Luba vol 1): Heartbreak Soup back

Gilbert Hernandez


Page 45 Review by Mark

Palomar: "Where men are men and women need a sense of humor..." - Carmen

"Palomar is the mythical Central American town where these stories take place, and the stories weave in and out of its entire population, crafting an intricate tapestry of not only Latin American but also human experience. This body of work has been hailed by Time magazine and The Nation as a landmark not only for comics, but for 20th Century literature, as well."

Here's Mark from a while back (but remember, he's talking about the whole 500-page shebang):

This is my fourth draft of the review and I don't know if I'm any closer to expressing how big and how great this book is. Take 'Human Diastrophism'. There's a serial killer in town. We know from the off whodunnit and all that's left is a slow, sickly crawl to his capture, hoping that there will be no more victims. He's part of an archaeological dig on the outskirts of Palomar, the same team that brings lovers new and old to some of the residents. Gilbert is never one to give you a single plot when five will do so we see Tonanzin, sultry, easily led, convinced that the world is ending. Her head is full of a garbled political jumble as she mutters words about a coming nuclear holocaust, leading to a conclusion that still chokes me up now. The story should be chaos (hunt for the killer, romance, infidelity, artistic awakening). You can feel the heat and the craziness that infects the town, but he manages to keep it all together showing you family and friends, loves and disagreements so that you know and understand everyone. There's a humid, sticky atmosphere as the black storm cloud of the ending looms into view.
Well, that's about a fifth of it. This comes with the highest possible recommendation.

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