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It's Lonely At The Centre Of The Earth s/c

It's Lonely At The Centre Of The Earth s/c back

Zoe Thorogood


Page 45 Review by Stephen

THIS is what memories are made of!

Our memories are impressionistic snapshots flashed together with additional associations, and sometimes superimposed with a questioning commentary of self-lacerating laughter or guilt. They meander and merge, then slide to one side to reveal, quite often, the unexpected.

They are emphatically not a steadily framed sequence of all that occurred chronologically. I'm beyond bored of that in comics now.

I was buoyed up by Asaf Hanuka's visual interpretation of Roberto Saviano's experiences with the mafia in I'M STILL ALIVE, but here Zoe Thorogood has delivered a thrillingly expressionistic, witty, wry yet perceptive account of her formative years and current creativity using the lateral thinking of Bill Sienkiewicz, Asfa Hanuka or Dave McKean with a line, freshness and vigour reminiscent of Chris Bachalo.

Back in stock, and Page 45's Comicbook Of The Month: Zoe Thorogood's IT'S LONELY AT THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH.

Lots of interjections and a constant critique of her past behaviour and present performance which can only lead to a stellar future trajectory.

"Cartoonist ZOE THOROGOOD records six months of her own life as it falls apart in a desperate attempt to put it back together again in the only way she knows how. IT'S LONELY AT THE CENTRE OF THE EARTH is an intimate metanarrative that looks into the life of a selfish artist who must create for her own survival. A poignant, slice-of-life-style story perfect for fans of Adrian Tomine's The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Cartoonist."