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I Feel Love s/c Bookplate Edition

I Feel Love s/c Bookplate Edition back

Benjamin Marra, Anya Davidso, Julian Hanshaw, Krent Able, Kelsey Wroten, Cat Sims


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Love makes the world go round. It can also turn your heart as black as coal. In the much anticipated follow up to their Eisner-nominated I Feel Machine, Julian Hanshaw and Krent Able curate a series of dystopian, satirical and psychological short fictions from artists Anya Davidson, Cat Sims, Benjamin Marra, and Kelsey Wroten that explore love's dark, twisted underbelly, and offer a much-needed tonic to everything that is sweet, cloying, and conventional. As unflinching as it is honest, I Feel Love questions the one emotion that is meant to make us feel good - but often does the exact opposite.