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I Am Winter, I Am Blight

I Am Winter, I Am Blight I Am Winter, I Am Blight I Am Winter, I Am Blight

I Am Winter, I Am Blight back

Joe Latham


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"I travel by night,
"I revel in pestilence,
"And cherish in spite,
"For I am winter, I am blight!"

Joe Latham, creator of the triple treasure trove that is THE FOX / THE WOLF / THE WOODSMAN returns with a meditation on the meanness of most people's least favourite season. Yes, yes, I know we all love a good crisp, sunny winter's day, the odd slippery slope or two of sledging shenanigans and building snowmen who look like they could do to go on a diet, and yes, Christmas is usually good entertainment value. But let's be honest, we're all really just impatiently shivering through January and February waiting for Spring to arrive.

Here Joe gives voice to Winter itself, in all its curmudgeonly, creeping cruelty. Fortunately that's offset by the beautiful landscapes and nature he lays out for us: the chirpy birds, tall pine forests, wide mountain ranges and running rivers. But... as Winter attempts to take charge and crush the spirit of natural life under its cold covers, we soon mercifully see it isn't going to have it all its own way...

Part of a limited one-off print run on uncoated recycled paper, which as Joe comments, " it feels nice..." which it really does, I have to say, with a very slight velvety, moleskine feel to it, there will be no second chance to pick this up. It's a seasonal purchase! So do act quick because they're sure to be gone in a flash. Unlike Winter...
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