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Hellboy Omnibus vol 4: Hellboy In Hell s/c

Hellboy Omnibus vol 4: Hellboy In Hell s/c Hellboy Omnibus vol 4: Hellboy In Hell s/c Hellboy Omnibus vol 4: Hellboy In Hell s/c

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Mike Mignola


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"I promise you, you have nothing to fear in this place."
"Because we're invisible?"
"Really? I thought for sure we'd be invisible."
"No need... there's no one here to see us."
"You sure about that?"
"At the news of your coming, your death, and your descent into hell, they all went in a rush to hide themselves in their own far countries."
"All the Princes and ministers of Hell... all the Dukes, Marquis, Earls, and Knights... all fled, along with their legions of demons."
"Not that I'm sorry to have missed them but why?"
"This way... the citadel of the fly, once the seat of... the beating heart of pandemonium... but no more. They are all gone now... save one."
"You better not mean me, because I've been through all this crap before."
"No. Not you. You've made your position very clear."

As ole Red's saga draws to a conclusion, it suddenly feels like it is right back on form.

The cataclysmic events of HELLBOY OMNIBUS VOL 3 have resulted in Hellboy's potentially one-way ticket being issued home, and now brooding mystery and arcane mythology are expounded in elaborate detail, as Hellboy whips out the wisecracks. Also, it's nice to see Mignola on the art again. Whilst I have enjoyed everyone else's work on this title over the years, especially Duncan Fegredo's, it is great to see Mignola returning to finish his labour of love off personally.

Not so much a jumping on point then, as a long kiss goodbye...

"Hellboy is cast into Hell, where familiar faces reveal secrets of his origins, and previously unknown family members come forward. Hellboy forever alters the face of Hell, giving new significance to his role of Beast of the Apocalypse. While featuring big answers and one of the most momentous choices Hellboy's ever made, Hellboy in Hell also offers a return to the simplest and best Hellboy stories, as Hellboy roams a unique world only Mignola could present, filled with strange and magical encounters rich with the power of folklore and myth."