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Hark! A Vagrant s/c

Hark! A Vagrant s/c back

Kate Beaton


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Witty jabs and stabs at history, science, art and literature, these anarchic strips always make me chuckle, whether its puncturing pomposity, mixing contemporary with ancient settings or having a full-blown go at our modern-day ticks and obsessions. Here Kate confounds a bewildered Jane Austen with her legacy:

"Dearest Jane! I found this today at the bookshop, I thought you would be most pleased."

It's a bumper book called Pride And Prejudice And Monster Trucks. Later:

"I saw this and thought of you!"

It's Sense And Sensibility And Mister Darcy And Sharks In Space Riding Motorcycles Plus There Is A Time Machine. I'd take to the bottle too.

I loved the 15th Century Romance Comics (prospects limited), the extended Jane Eyre sequence (bad Mr. Rochester!), and the assorted attempts at judging a book by its cover. Meanwhile in Lindisfarne Monastery back in 793AD...

"Brothers, I fear an attack by the men of the north is upon us. We must hide. Save what you can. And pray."
Two initially stern Vikings:
"Gyrth - come in here."
"Like, I am busy setting this on fire."
"Omigod no you have to see this. Illuminated manuscript."
"Omigawd to die for. Did you even see the communion chalice I found?"
"Omigod omigod omigod."
"Dear Diary - Lindisfarne trip..."