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Dream Locations Postcard Book

Dream Locations Postcard Book back

Lizz Lunney, Joe List, Soju Tanaka


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Come visit Page 45's brand-new Lizz Lunney Megastore!

"Greetings from the void," says one of Joe List's postcards, neatly naming my brain, while Lizz Lunney invites you to "Lovely, sunny, beautiful… Squirrel Park." Keep your windows up and don't get out of the car!

I was once chatting to a professional pest control expert and, if you think squirrels are cute little critters who just love to nibble their nuts, you wait until you get some in your loft. And if you do find some in your loft, under no circumstances try a summary eviction yourself. Rats will run away. Squirrels do not back down! Nuts are aphoristically famous for being tough to crack, so imagine the damage a squirrel's teeth can do to yours.

Anyway (one public service announcement later), we are now bursting with Lizz Lunney epistolary madness, and this neat little booklet of 21 postcards by Joe, Soju and Lizz comes with a bonus of 8 glossy stickers.

I'm constantly misreading "the sea of faces", though. I wonder if that's intentional?