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Critical Role vol 3: Vox Machina Origins s/c

Critical Role vol 3: Vox Machina Origins s/c back

Jody Houser & Olivia Samson, J.P. Massa


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Vox Machina enjoy a week in Westruun's lap of luxury leading up to the Winter's Crest Festival. But that costs coin, which has a bad habit of running out, so they join an underground fighting ring and bash their way to cash. Unfortunately, their ring-fighting turns out to be just a warm-up for a cold reality when a mysterious attack on Winter's Crest festivities leaves the whole town magically frozen-including one of their own.

Vox Machina will have to save the day again, against a much bigger foe than they first realized! Collects issues #1-#6 of Vox Machina Origins III.