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Bloodborne: Lady Of Lanterns vol 1 s/c

Bloodborne: Lady Of Lanterns vol 1 s/c back

Cullen Bunn & Piotr Kowalski


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From the world of the award-winning videogame, comes a haunting new graphic novel. When the siren's call of blood sends Yharnum into a frenzy, families and faith will be tested... Delve into the city of Yharnum through the eyes of its citizens, when new Hunters take to the streets to fight against the cruel and unusual epidemic that has gripped the once-great city.

Amid the chaos, a family cowers in the safety of their home - until fate pushes their path into that of the Great Hunt. Deep in the bowels of the Healing Church, a priest faces a dark truth about his faith - and may have to sacrifice it all to save those who will not repent. And under the lights of the pale moon and lanterns, monsters roam the streets, stalking their next victim...

Bloodborne Vol. 5 Collects Bloodborne 1-4, plus material from the Free Comic Book Day 2022 special edition.