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Art Of Spirited Away h/c

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Hayao Miyazaki


Page 45 Review by Mark

Another Miyazaki film brings a new brace of books celebrating his ever charming vision. It's a shame that all of his work bar Mononoke is unavailable in this country* but it's a joy that his main manga NAUSICAA is permanently in stock.** The Ghibli art books are lavish affairs offering sketches, backgrounds, cels and possibly a script. It's all in Japanese*** so I can't confirm this. Do you need a working knowledge of Japanese to dive into the lush landscapes or marvel at the colourful traditional detailing?****

* Happily no longer true - ed.

** This remains most assuredly true - ed.

*** Happily no longer true, either - ed.

**** No, nor did you ever - ed.

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