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Anxiety Is Really Strange

Anxiety Is Really Strange Anxiety Is Really Strange Anxiety Is Really Strange Anxiety Is Really Strange

Anxiety Is Really Strange back

Steve Haines & Sophie Standing


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

Isn't it?

It's also a massive pain in the arse, as anyone who has experienced it can testify, whether it rears its often incapacitating head at its most repetitive and severe, or even on the ad hoc basis which is arguably essential for our survival.

Fortunately Steve Haines and Sophie Standing (PAIN IS REALLY STRANGE and TRAUMA IS REALLY STRANGE) are back once again to give us the low down on the various, often multifaceted, reasons as to why and how anxiety arises within us, and what we can do to ameliorate the symptoms and even prevent it re-occurring.

The good news is that it's all perfectly normal: it's primarily just various physiological responses being over-stimulated. As Steve states, "Do not fall into the trap of thinking anxiety is just in your mind."

As to the reasons why this happens? Well, here's Steve again, "...the causes of anxiety range from gut bacteria to adverse childhood experiences to existential angst. It's complex!"

Actually, he details quite a few other reasons over the first few pages and there was one which certainly hit squarely on the head for me...

"Exhaustion and worrying about money can send us into survival mode."

I certainly recognise that one as a trigger, as I'm sure many of us would. Interestingly, I also recognised a known resulting symptom of OCD, one of several which our duo explain can manifest when one is feeling anxious, even on a relatively mild, primarily subconscious level. Fascinating stuff.

As with their previous works, Haines and Standing very simply and very clearly break down and illustrate precisely what happens within us when anxiety strikes, and the various forms in which it manifests itself to the outside world. Even including the situations where anxiety might, as I say, actually prove to be a positive thing!

You can't believe that explanations of incredibly complex medical issues can be explained so succinctly and so beautifully! Also, as before, references of papers, studies and books for further reading are provided at the bottom of each page and then also collated together at the end.

Into Page 45's Mental Health Section this so helpfully goes!