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After School Special

After School Special back

Dave Kiersh


Page 45 Review by Jon Porcellino or Publisher Blurb

Anyone who’s listened to me talk about comics has listened to me talk about how great Dave Kiersh is. His poetic, mysterious, and disjointed comics come closer to really nailing the specific sadness and angst behind the Great American Suburban Teenage Experience than anything I’ve ever come across, in any medium. In many ways I think After School Special is his masterwork. It’s like everything that came before in his art, all the obsessions, confusion, and loneliness, have culminated in this pitch perfect aesthetic note. In After School Special, outcast teenagers Jed and Lisa find love amid the suburban wasteland they call “home.” This work can’t come more highly recommended. 136 pages, 5.25? x 6.5?; Full color covers, interiors in full-color and muted pastel tones. (Teen Pulp)