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24 x 2

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David Chelsea


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Two 24-hour comics (comics completed within 24 hours) which delve into dreams and examine the argument that almost all autobiography in comics is a fiction of sorts, given that events are never witnessed as depicted on account of you don't see yourself in your own life. You see your hands, your feet, and your nose when you go cross-eyed, but on the whole those of you who don't spend your entire life staring into the mirror will experience life differently from the way that the likes of Jeffrey Brown, John Porcellino or Eddie Campbell convey theirs. In the case of Jeffrey, his girlfriends weren't all one-inch tall; in the case of John, most of his life was experienced in colour; and in the case of Eddie, he hasn't been dead. Oh wait, that wasn't autobiography at all. Aaaanyway, the second story here is one long, extended dream sequence which successfully captures the confusion and the illogical and uncharacteristic risk-taking some dreams have us embark upon (here, scaling a block of flats using a rope tied to a batarang), told in monochromatic grain-o-vision.