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To Drink & To Eat vol 1 h/c

To Drink & To Eat vol 1 h/c To Drink & To Eat vol 1 h/c To Drink & To Eat vol 1 h/c To Drink & To Eat vol 1 h/c

To Drink & To Eat vol 1 h/c back

Guillaume Long


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Don't confuse letting an idea marinate and marinating pickles."
"Because anyone can make mistakes."

Haha, like ever-attentive waiter, there is a gag strip that pops up with wonderful frequency throughout this work featuring "Pepe Roni's Good Advice." That the punchline is always, but always, "Because anyone can make mistakes" (delivered by Pepe Roni from the comfort of his armchair, knocking back what looks like a fine Armagnac, presumably for its renowned therapeutic benefits), only serves to add to the delight of these tasty amuse-bouches.

Right, so what's on the menu then? Here's the publisher to tell us all about this particular special...

"Hungry for help in the kitchen? Go from basic cook to master chef with Guillaume Long's clever and charming lessons in French food. Cooking blogs and comics come together in TO EAT & TO DRINK, the newest and most unique cookbook to add to your kitchen shelf."

What a fabulous work this is!

Served à la carte in sixty or so delightful dégustations, it comprises an eclectic collection of culinary delights such as recipes presented by Guillaume - not necessarily all for their taste presumably, given one includes raven - also various sage advice like 'The Ten Commandments Of Raclette', many an absurd anecdote regarding some mild kitchen chaos or indeed culinary near-catastrophe plus extended tasting notes from trips to Budapest, Venice and errr... a local Chinese restaurant. All flavoured with Guillaume's self-deprecating trademark sense of humour. Here he is regaling us with his take on dealing with the aftermath of a moment of silliness whilst shopping in the supermarket...

"The other day in the supermarket you had a flash, a moment of weakness... of craziness... during which you entered the Fourth Dimension... that is to say, you bought some broccoli. Now alone in your kitchen, you have returned to reason and you ask yourself: "Shit. Why did I buy this thing?""

Served up with finesse, I found much to salivate over here. This is no mere junk food to be gobbled down unappreciatively. No, you will want to savour it, a bite or two at a time. A feast for both the eyes and the soul, this will appeal both to foodies and those who simply have good taste in comics.

Plus, there's plenty of variety in its presentation, from said visit to Venice in free-floating panels in delicate line on parchment-coloured paper to full-colour sequential-art narrative which glows on the glossy page, then straight-up illustrated guides to kitchen utensils, a trip to a fishmongers and its fruits of the river and sea, or those you'll find hanging from trees. Sexy spot-varnish cover, too! Handy for wiping cooking oil off!
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