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They Say Blue h/c

They Say Blue h/c They Say Blue h/c They Say Blue h/c They Say Blue h/c They Say Blue h/c They Say Blue h/c

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Jillian Tamaki


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Truly, a book of wonders and of wonderment!

Crows on the cover, seagulls underneath, and throughout the movement, energy and enthusiasm is phenomenal.

Birds whirl in the wind, a field of golden grass billows in waves, and a young girl swirls as she casts off her coat and breathes in the unfettered freedom before wriggling out of her thick, woollen sweater, then bouncing off the page.

That spread reminded me of young Wendy's jigging in the Tamaki cousins' bilberry blue THIS ONE SUMMER.

There is swimming and splashing and a sea breeze blowing through her hair, and the bright blue sky swoops up above as far as the eyes can see from a sandy beach promontory, while the choppy, white-horse ocean ripples all around.

Yellows and reds ripple too, emanating from the infant like a Japanese Zen garden raked in the sand, then rugby, soccer and tennis balls are tossed between friends in the bustling primary school playground.

Even at rest there is movement in the lines that cocoon the girl just like the blanket in her sleep, or the brushing of hair in the morning.

And oh, how these colours do glow!

Thick, wet washes of yellow bleed into complementary reds to form orange; blue into red to form purple. Or there's that early morning contrast in the contact between cool, night-time blue in the bedroom giving way to a burst of yolk-yellow sunrise as the black crows bob and chatter in the field outside. Spring is all avocado green and bark brown on crisp white paper during an imagined, celebratory, arborescent page!

From the creator of adults-orientated BOUNDLESS collection and the co-creator of THIS ONE SUMMER graphic novel, (both of which we made Page 45 Comicbook Of The Month), a young girl wonders at the bounty of life all around and within her, embraces nature and marvels at the majesty of it all.

Seasons cycle and colour is questioned.

They say blue is the colour of the sky.
Which is true today!
They say the sea is blue, too.
It certainly looks like it from here.
But when I hold the water in my hands, it's as clear as glass.
I toss it up in the air to make diamonds.