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The Story Of Jezebel

The Story Of Jezebel The Story Of Jezebel The Story Of Jezebel

The Story Of Jezebel back

Elijah Brubaker


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"Sir, your new bride is here."
"Sigh, I don't even know this chick. It's a marriage of politics. Convenience."
"What you do in this situation?"
"It's not for me to say, sir."
"Yeah. Well, I guess being a palace guard is a little different than being king. No one has problems like I have."
"Yes, sir."
"What do I do if she's fugly?"
"She won't be fugly, sir."
"She's probably gross. This is the worst thing that's ever happened."
"You must be Ahab, I'm Jezebel."

Now, it maybe a while since you read the Old Testament - specifically Book Of Kings I and it's imaginatively named sequel Book Of Kings II, which only goes to show the mass entertainment media has been flogging the proverbial sequel donkey since waaaaay back - but you probably recall the name of Jezebel. Phoenician Princess, wife of the Jewish King Ahab, and worshipper of idols.

Having won his heart with her stunning beauty Jezebel generally caused the King no end of trouble, particularly with the prophet Elijah, whom God was prone to having one-to-ones with about how to sort the current situation, which was usually by slaughtering the rival non-Jewish prophets and performing all manner of strange, inexplicable and thus impressive stunts to the masses. I would say miracles, but of course, even the mysterious ways in which Big G himself moves need a more earthly helping hand or two behind the scenes...

This, then, is basically the story of Jezebel, told as if written as an action comedy with modern dialogue. So, on the one hand, whilst it presents its source material factually (well, okay accurately might be a better word, given it's mostly utter nonsense) as with Robert Crumb's GENESIS, it is done as a humorous farce much like Tom Gauld's (imminently back-in-print) GOLIATH.

If you liked Gauld's deadpan take on biblical babblings, you'll love this. I can actually see a bit of Tom in Elijah Brubaker's art, along with a wee bit of Eric BERA THE ONE-HEADED TROLL Orchard too, particularly in the characters' facial expressions. I also loved how God is portrayed as a bad-headed genie-like midget floating around on a cloud. Not quite as surreal as how he appears in GOODNIGHT PUNPUN, perhaps, but talking about as much sense, i.e. not a lot. I'd say not one to be taken seriously, therefore, but actually the reverse is true, so you can remember just how nonsensical the original material is...
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