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The Perry Bible Fellowship vol h/c (10th Anniversary Edition)

The Perry Bible Fellowship vol h/c (10th Anniversary Edition) back

Nicholas Gurewitch & The PBF


Page 45 Review by Stephen

All the below from 2009 remains true, except that it's no longer landscape, but portrait...

The 2007 sales sensation considerably expanded and restructured into a landscape hardcover with tactile lettering and a brightly coloured rainbow appealing directly to young minds which must never, ever be allowed to encounter it (we're racking it with CYANIDE & HAPPINESS, if that gives you a clue).

Jim Woodring and Scott McCloud are both fans of these short gag strips in which innocence is shafted by horror and meanness, or even vice-versa. It's wrong, wrong, wrong, but very funny indeed.

See the dangers of driving a truck that turns out to be a Transformer! Watch Aubrey Beardsley-like vampires attempting to apply make-up in a mirror! Look at the bunny-love providing a leg-up/over and out of a hole!

Still includes the suicide-bomber chessboard which was wrong, wrong, wrong. But very funny indeed.