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The Cosmic Slumber Tarot

The Cosmic Slumber Tarot back

Tillie Walden


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Comics legend Tillie Walden brings her spectacular art and soulful warmth to the world of tarot. The multi-award winning artist and graphic novelist Tillie Walden brings her beautifully unmistakable style to the world of the tarot in The Cosmic Slumber Tarot. Hand-painted and bursting with colour, The Cosmic Slumber Tarot evokes images recalled from collective dreams and the depths of the subconscious. Tillie's style, influenced by Manga and the art of Stu¬dio Ghibili, brings a fresh, youthful energy to the tarot. The Cosmic Slumber Tarot will strongly appeal to her legion of fans in the comics world and ever growing millennial audience of the tarot community.