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The Arab Of The Future vol 3: 1985-1987

The Arab Of The Future vol 3: 1985-1987 back

Riad Sattouf


Page 45 Review by Stephen

I adore this autobiographical series about Riad Sattouf's early childhood years following his family as they moved to Libya and Syria, and wrote extensive reviews of THE ARAB OF THE FUTURE 1978-1984 and THE ARAB OF THE FUTURE 1984-1985.

They are two of the funniest books in comics, bursting with Guy Delisle-like observations of the absurd, so astute observed in one so young, then recalled with astonishing precision.

Alas, sales have been so astonishing flat here - while Guy Delisle's et al soar - that a third review makes no sense at all: it's simply not cost-effective.

Read the other two instead, please, and let's double their distribution in Nottingham. Or even the Middle East: We Ship Worldwide!