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Nat Turner Collected

Nat Turner Collected back

Kyle Baker


Page 45 Review by Stephen

When the first issue arrived, I wrote this:

Asked by the Silverbullets Panel this week what my favourite comic is at the moment, I couldn't think of anything to match this. Perhaps its recent arrival played some small part, but when a wordless piece of this power arrives, well, the images are still burnt in my mind. And what need are there for words - even if you could find them - when a comic is delivered with such blinding skill and raw, concentrated passion? Baker has ever been the master craftsman, completely in control of whatever visual medium he's employed, but he's changed his style again to give the effect of charcoal and chalk (and indeed perhaps he has given the computer a back seat, I don't know), as whole or separated African families are hunted then hauled across the continent to the coast, to be stuffed into boats then sold into slavery.

In one sequence, time is shown to pass by the light of the moon - a whole month goes by and still they're being dragged across the grassland in chains. And then another.

This is the story of Nat Turner, leader of the slave rebellion for which he was tried in 1831.

Next issue: "Defying the hardships of a childhood in slavery, Nat breaks the law by learning how to read." If you want a comic to move you to pieces, this is it. If you're wanting to learn how to draw comics, might I suggest this as invaluable?
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