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Moomin / LICAF Tote Bag

Moomin / LICAF Tote Bag

Moomin / LICAF Tote Bag back

Tove Jansson & Steve Kerner


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Yes, unless I have maxed out my memory and mislaid my marbles yet again, the iconic logo for the Lakes International Comic Art Festival was created by Steve Kerner; and I have to concede, such is my admiration, that I prefer it even to Page 45's... just!

Meanwhile, behold young Moomintroll performing a back-flip / handstand with all the grace of Tom Daley on the very top diving board of an Olympic-size swimming pool! He is at peace - at one with his newfound, gymnastic equilibrium - and so will you be once you've purchased this in-store or online for worldwide distribution. The only question in-store is, "Do you want this to be the bag, or be in a bag?

This is printed in black on precisely the same colour and heavy-duty, graphic-novel-bearing cloth as the classic Page 45 Tote Bag which is both a fashion statement and a status symbol.

Page 45 carries the complete range of the Janssons' MOOMIN graphic novels as well as the very first Tove Jansson MOOMIN novel, THE MOOMINS AND THE GREAT FLOOD, and indeed Philip Ardagh's new MOOMINVALLEY book. You know how to use our search engine, I'm sure.
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