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Milo's World Book 2: The Black Queen h/c

Milo's World Book 2: The Black Queen h/c Milo's World Book 2: The Black Queen h/c Milo's World Book 2: The Black Queen h/c

Milo's World Book 2: The Black Queen h/c back

Richard Marazano & Christophe Ferreira


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"This search party could be dangerous, Milo. You should probably learn to control your gift. Do you think you can do that?"
"My… my gift?"
"Yes, your gift! You have powers!"
"But… I thought my gift was just being able to travel between worlds…?"
"Well, of course you can do that, but you have another gift… a special power! We all have more than one. It's hereditary."
"Yes, meaning inherited from both parents."
"Well, maybe I only have one gift since my father is just a normal human being…"
"Sigh. You don't know what you're talking about. You're bound to have another gift, and you must find it as soon as possible…"

Those of you who read MILO'S WORLD BOOK ONE: THE LAND UNDER THE LAKE might be just as surprised as our eponymous hero to see the villainous sorcerer return seemingly from the dead. Though this time around the psychopathic spellcaster has had the proverbial change of heart and healing of mind and is now desperately seeking Milo's help rather than attempting to disintegrate him on sight...

For since Milo's last sojourn through the magical tunnel to the enchanted village on the underside of the lake… via the now terminally ailing giant goldfish… his bristly adventuring chum Valia, the sorceror's sassy daughter, has succumbed to the dark side herself and become the titular Black Queen, intent on destroying the hamlet's newly found peace and tranquillity and generally slaughtering all and sundry with her giant spider army. What is it with her family?!

Given the sorcerer is expecting Milo to step up and save the day with a power he doesn't even believe he possesses, it might be useful and more than a little considerate of him to explain that [REDACTED]. But, seeing as semi-anarchic action-based blundering is Milo's chief mode form of engaging with a tricky situation, rather than careful, thoughtful strategic problem solving…

"Oh boy… what kind of trap have I gotten myself into…?"

… it's perhaps not that surprising he hasn't put two and two together…

I'm sure you may well have by now dear reader, even from that parsimonious presentation. Still, perhaps the paternal penny might finally drop with Milo by the finale of volume three…

Anyway, expect more Hayao Miyazaki-esque hi-jinks as our accident prone protagonist attempts to rescue the children of the village in his trademark ham-fisted haphazard fashion and convince Valia that a career as a mass murderer isn't going to win her any popularity contests. Don't expect Milo to work out who his dad is though…

As before Milo's three witchy aunts pop up regularly with delightfully reassuring absurdly blithe asides to no one but themselves and the reader to steal every single scene they're in, contributing wonderfully to the gentle humour of it all which so enjoyably conveys this frenetic crackpot tale along to its conclusion.
"Ooo, a fancy ceremony! It's been so long!"
"And maybe a ball!"
"Maybe with some strapping firemen!"
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