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Marvel Two-In-One s/c vol 1 Fate Of The Four

Marvel Two-In-One s/c vol 1 Fate Of The Four Marvel Two-In-One s/c vol 1 Fate Of The Four Marvel Two-In-One s/c vol 1 Fate Of The Four

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Chip Zdarsky & Jim Cheung, Valerio Schiti


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"While I feel insulted that you think Doom can be "surprised," I will stick with your plan, Richards."
"Yeah... yer onna winnin' team now, Doomsie..."

A cheeky little appetiser, this, and also question poser, I have to say, ahead of the return of the Fantastic Four with their new #1. The first question being why Chip Zdarsky & Jim Cheung, Valerio Schiti aren't going to be on that title? Because I've been highly amused by these recent exploits of the ever-lovin' blue-eyed Thing and old hothead Mensa-reject member Johnny Storm, aided and abetted by the Infamous Iron Man himself, Victor Von Doom, or the more informal 'Doomsie' as Ben likes to irritate him with.

Still, Dan Slott, fresh off a thousand years on AMAZING SPIDER-MAN culminating with his insane speculator-frenzying RED GOBLIN arc and Sara SPIDER-MEN Pichelli are a very safe pair of hands.. Well, two pairs, but you get my thwip, I mean quip.

Chip's story of Ben and Johnny searching the multiverse for the rest of their family with the aid of an artefact left behind by Reed in case of just such an eventuality has been both poignant and hilarious in turn. Victor, sharing Ben's suspicions that Reed, Sue and the kids are in fact dead, decides complicity in hiding the truth from depressed man-child Johnny is the best option. How very grown up and sensible of them...

We, of course, know different, don't we, chums? At least at think we do, having read (and probably partially understood) Jonathan Hickman's SECRET WARS, which seems to suggest the other half of the FF are off recreating universes. But surely, you think they would have at least dropped a postcard back home to Earth-616 to say everything was okay...?

And... just to make organising a family reunion that bit more complicated, our Terrific Two (yeah not quite the same ring to it...) have discovered that the cosmic car crash which created them also means they are tethered together in terms of their powers. So both Johnny and Ben are now suffering from the family split, gradually depowering and getting weaker and weaker. Which is just the sort of thing you don't need when you're off bouncing round the multiverse, bumping into all manner of alternate FFers and other supes...

The second question I have, especially given how this material is going story-wise, is whether the Reed and Sue pictured on Esad Ribic's excellent cover to the new issue #1 are the Earth 616 original or indeed some proverbial variants...? I guess we'll find out soon enough. The way Johnny, Ben and Uncle Victor are carrying on blundering around (Carry On Capering, if you will), I suspect variants and the search for the original first printings will continue...