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Marilyn's Monsters

Marilyn's Monsters Marilyn's Monsters Marilyn's Monsters Marilyn's Monsters Marilyn's Monsters

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Tommy Redolfi



"Holy Wood. The sacred forest.
"The only place that can make a face shine for millions to admire on giant, silver screens.
"Because in the movies, people become larger than life.
"Big enough to be seen and never forgotten.
"It's a tried-and-true formula.
"Perfect nobodies have often become true symbols of success and happiness."

A completely different take on perhaps the most famous nobody made good of them all. Here's the trailer from the Humanoids studio to tell you how this particular type of movie star gets made...

"The famous Holy Wood Hills. A strange spooky forest filled with freaks and old trailers. This is where movie stars are born in this alternate world. Determined to become one, shy Norma Jean Baker a.k.a. Marilyn Monroe comes to this ghost-town with hopes and dreams. She'll have to face all kinds of monsters to reach her ultimate goal."

That she will. But don't expect ghouls and goblins. There's the odd classic 1920s-esque cinema freak, for sure, and there is a touch or two of dark magic deployed to spooky effect, but the true LA monsters, as in real life, are of course the movie execs and producers. You will see Norma Jean reborn as the titular blonde bombshell only to die as Marilyn all over again, but just experiencing a very different and primarily first person take on it in doing so.

Always nice to see someone try to do something a touch unconventional with an established story, especially when the art is as delicate but as dangerous as Marilyn herself. I guess this fantastical fable is intended to come off as a Brothers Grimm-esque fairytale, all dark and brooding with a tragic death awaiting the protagonist. It certainly succeeds in that respect. It's painful to relieve Norma Jean's inevitable demise with the 'monsters' playing their inevitable parts in any format. But I guess it is good to see that just for once there is no fudged-up Hollywood happy ending!
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