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Look Back & Laugh: Journal Comics

Look Back & Laugh: Journal Comics Look Back & Laugh: Journal Comics Look Back & Laugh: Journal Comics Look Back & Laugh: Journal Comics

Look Back & Laugh: Journal Comics back

Liz Prince



"Hello, and welcome to this collection of my 2016 journal comics.
"This project started as a way to break out of a crippling writer's block while also completing a lifetime goal of drawing an autobiographical comic every dang day...
"As of this publication in 2018, I am still keeping up the daily comic practice!
"Thanks for reading! Enjoy."

She should try reviewing comics every week without fail for over twenty years as our Stephen has been doing! Including a fair few Liz Prince classics like TOMBOY. That's a proper test of endurance!

But if you want to know what a comics creator gets up to a daily basis - aside from creating comics that is - well, now you can. Every single detail of it!

Not just the emotional highs and lows like getting engaged and friends passing away, or the immense stresses of moving cities never mind house, but all the regular day-to-day stuff like trips to the cinema to see crap films, the myriad ways cats can do your head in and cost you money (I love the fact that her cats are called Wolfman and Dracula) to discovering new places to eat with friends.

Just Liz generally hanging out and having fun with her boyf Kyle and their mates. In that sense, the title sums it up nicely, for there are many laughs to be had here, at the general absurdities that life throws at you, plus the ones we frequently manage to make for ourselves. Plus various cat-astrophes to add to the financial woes and fun. Light-hearted autobio-comics that show you can be both prolific and consistently amusing and engaging at the same time. Well, Liz can anyway.