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Island Book s/c

Island Book s/c Island Book s/c Island Book s/c Island Book s/c Island Book s/c

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Evan Dahm


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"I should never have left...
"I shouldn't have...
"What was I thinking?
"How... how did I ever think I could find it out here?"
"Find what?"
"The monster."
"Th... the monster...
"Some creatures are of the land.
"Some are of the sea.
"The Monster is both.
"The Monster is neither."

Sounds like it should be a straightforward quest for brave little inquisitive Sola then!

Here are the prodigious parameters of pursuit being set by the publisher to explain just how sizeable a task she's about to undertake...

"Sola is cursed. At least, that's what everyone tells her. It all started the day the Monster came to the island. While others fled, Sola stood before the creature, alone and unafraid. Since then she's been treated like an outcast.

Shamed and feared for an event she doesn't understand, Sola sets out to sea looking for answers. In an endless ocean far from home, she discovers that her island isn't alone and the Monster isn't the only life to be found in these uncharted waters.

Boundless adventure awaits in Island Book, an epic tale of friendship, teamwork, and the wisdom we gain when we face the unknown with bravery and an open heart."

I enjoyed this rather askance adventure. I say askance because it is far more a meditation on personal qualities and interpersonal skills than an all-out all-ages romp. This is far more reflective in its nature, much like its main characters themselves. Albeit eventually in some of their cases…

It that sense, of a curious turtle-like creature going on an oceanic odyssey, combined with Sola's large soulful eyes, it reminded me rather of Craig Thompson's classic GOODBYE CHUNKY RICE. Artistically it also very strongly reminded me of a smoother, softer version of Doug NNEWTS / BAD ISLAND / GHOSTOPOLIS / CARDBOARD TenNapel.

As Sola starts assembling her motley ragtag crew comprised of outcasts from the islands that she encounters during her search, when taken in conjunction with the ending, I also found myself slightly surprised to be also minded of The Wizard Of Oz.

Sometimes you find what you are searching for, discover it is completely different to what you expected, but realise you have learnt something much more important about yourself and life along the way. There's no musical numbers, though, thank goodness...