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Iron Bound

Iron Bound Iron Bound Iron Bound

Iron Bound back

Brendan Leach



"Dores told me to tell you something.
"He says the terms is changed."

Just when Eddie thought he was out...

But can you ever just make your polite excuses and leave a life of crime when you've started down that particular felonious path...?

Probably not, at least if your 'friends and family' have anything to do with it...

Eddie's friend and former right-hand man with the appalling grammar, one Bento Chagas, or Benny as he's known, is here to make just that point very clear to Eddie. Family, well, I think you probably know the sort of family I'm talking about, headed up locally by Mr. Dores, who's more than happy to use the leather jacketed greasers in the Iron Bound gang as foot soldiers and muscle for his various rackets and schemes.

Here's the publisher's rap sheet on this superb crime joint...

"Iron Bound is a gritty, authentic account of street gangs and life in the margins of Newark, New Jersey's Ironbound district at the start of the '60s. With all the elements of a noir mystery and a crime drama, it's Leach's insight into human nature and his ability to evoke place and moment that elevates the narrative to a complex examination of the tenuous relationships of people mired in conflict and fear."

That's an excellent summation of this work, I have to say. The portrayal of all the main characters is spot on; Brendan gives them real depth and makes them completely believable. Eddie and Benny, their girls Genie and Gloria, the scar-faced Mr Dores and the bent cop Dunham, we come to understand how they are indeed all mired, in fact I would go so far as to say trapped, in conflict and fear. As the rear cover boldly states... "Fists can do what talking can't."

Brendan's art, as I commented in my review of his THE PTERODACTYL HUNTERS IN THE GILDED CITY has more than a look of the great GIPI's LAND OF THE SONS style. Here, the linework contributes to some seriously dangerous looking hard faces, decorated with bent noses, pointy chins and in Mister Dores' case, a very impressive scar. He certainly didn't get that shaving...

A fabulously brutal self-contained clout of crime fiction, all shiny with battered black leather and glistening with hair grease, but it's the emotional undercurrents that will pull you in and indeed the characters under.

Just to add, there's a bright red flexi-disc, recorded by the official Iron Bound band, the Newark Wanderers, thrown in for good measure.
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