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Instruction Manual For Lonely Mountains

Instruction Manual For Lonely Mountains

Instruction Manual For Lonely Mountains back

Nicola Gunn & M.P. Fikaris



"Focus group for the Protest Against the Extinction of the Human Race."
"Do you know we are the first generation that could potentially live forever?"

Two very conflicting sentiments, there, I think you'll agree. Both, of course, annihilation and immortality, are entirely possible for our current generation. I suspect neither may come to pass in our lifetimes, but I also suspect the threat and promise of each are probably only going to increase.

Happily for us, there's a very incongruous group of people who have gathered in an utterly nondescript room to discuss such weighty matters, including one person togged up in a fully encapsulated chemical protection suit. They seem, however, far more interested in whether they are likely to get a parking ticket or whether they should be having milk and sugar in the hot beverage of choice...

In the end, matters of the heart rise to the surface to become the subject of most import for our collective, as perhaps was suggested by the title. For some people are indeed like solitary monoliths in their romantic behaviours, their own worst straight-jacketed emotional enemies. Though there are also some interesting philosophical points interspersed along the way, I have to say.

Captivatingly moving musings, illustrated in stark black and white punctuated with the most amazingly psychedelic multi-colour letratone episodes, which are possibly only visible to the being in the protective suit, I wasn't entirely sure! If you're an Anders BIG QUESTIONS Nilsen this may well appeal.