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Doctor Strange vol 3: Blood In The Aether (UK Edition) s/c

Doctor Strange vol 3: Blood In The Aether (UK Edition) s/c Doctor Strange vol 3: Blood In The Aether (UK Edition) s/c

Doctor Strange vol 3: Blood In The Aether (UK Edition) s/c back

Jason Aaron & Chris Bachalo, others


Page 45 Review by Stephen

What that cover lacks in full-on Ditko psychedelia, it more than makes up for in fluorescent, DayGlo glory.

"If the old books of magic don't apply anymore... it's time to write some new ones."

The old books of magic no longer apply: DOCTOR STRANGE VOL 1: THE WAY OF THE WEIRD began their destruction along with the draining of all other arcane knick-knacks. Magic all across this world - along with so many others - has been expended and is only just beginning to flicker back into life.

So it's out with the Cloak Of Levitation - there simply isn't the energy to sustain it - and in with the Cape Of Getting All Wrapped Up And Tangled In.

Alternatively whilst thinking on his feet (and halfway up a sky scraper) it's time for a two-minute Nambian Huntsman Spider Spell, cast on his boots to turn him into a temporary wall crawler.

That much our Master Of The Mystic Arts can just about muster, along with an apple he'd almost eaten to the core which, if you lob it just right, comes with a bite, and quite the tree-trunk bonk to the head.

No, the old books of magic not longer apply because their mystical mumbo-jumbo has been replaced by a Strange but satisfying logic and brilliant, balls-out laughter which is so much more fun. Matt Fraction did the same for HAWKEYE, realising that a comedy of manners in its true, theatrical sense, would be infinitely more appealing to the Real Mainstream than super-powered pugilism.

Artist Chris Bachalo throws himself into the same goal with gusto. Look at the details on the cover to #14!

The menu inside is one long scream. No really:

"The menu is just pictures of people screaming."

They've seen the main dishes. Also the waiters. And the chef.

The chef is Master Pandemonium, a D-grade character who has ten demons for digits whose history I won't bother to explain for it is utterly irrelevant: you won't need to have read anything about him prior to this series. Suffice to say that here he's reduced to two demons, but has trouble enough keeping those incessant squabblers at arm's length.

I'm counting six key adversaries for six successive chapters of non-stop nonsense, each attempting to write their own proscriptive prescription for the dear Doctor after diagnosing his depletion, all of them ending in death.

The prognosis is poor but the delivery is delirious as our battered and constantly buffeted new buffoon of a Sorcerer Supreme staves off their half-assed attacks and monomaniacal monologues just long enough to...


What went Wong?!
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