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Doctor Strange: Epic Collection s/c Master Of The Mystic Arts

Doctor Strange: Epic Collection s/c Master Of The Mystic Arts back

Stan Lee & Steve Ditko


Page 45 Review by Stephen

Still tripping on the transdimensional trials and tribulations of Doctor Strange in Mr. McCarthy's SPIDER-MAN: FEVER? [No. It's out of print - ed. ] Here, true believer, are the original occult-orientated offerings which inspired the brain-bothered Brendan to such lurid lunacy!

[And you can quit the Stan Lee shtick any time you fancy, mate - ed.]

Witness the Dread Dormammu berate Baron Mordo for his mere-mortal impudence! Hear Doctor Strange alliterate himself into a something akin to catatonia! Listen as the white-wigged Clea pleads from her trap-of-the-day! And sweat in fear as the Mindless Ones approach…

"Do you have any DEADPOOL in stock?"

Thirty-one STRANGE TALES of the Sorcerer Supreme complete with the Wand of Watoomb, the Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth and the Eye of Agowhatthehey. Correct spelling not necessarily guaranteed.

For more Strange doings please see Page 45's Doctor Strange section. Particularly recommended: DOCTOR STRANGE VOL 1: THE WAY OF THE WEIRD by Jason Aaron & Chris Bacchalo.
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