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Cosplayers: Perfect Collection

Cosplayers: Perfect Collection Cosplayers: Perfect Collection Cosplayers: Perfect Collection Cosplayers: Perfect Collection Cosplayers: Perfect Collection Cosplayers: Perfect Collection Cosplayers: Perfect Collection

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Dash Shaw


Page 45 Review by Jonathan

"A good comic looks good even when nobody is looking at it."
"These are all things that a merely "good" comic must do..."
"But some comics are truly "great", understand?"
"Some comics are a leap forward in the evolutionary sense."
"Yes sir."

Ha. Dash Shaw being Dash Shaw why am I not remotely surprised that a comic by him entitled Cosplayers is in fact about far, far more than that? Yes, Annie and Verti, our two stars of their own show, quite literally, do like to dress up in homemade costumes and attend <ahem> comic conventions, but what they really like to do is make films. Often covertly co-starring people who have absolutely no idea whatsoever that they are involved as unsolicited extras in a work of cinematic, well Youtube, fiction... It leads to some extremely unusual moments as you might imagine particularly when Verti goes on a blind date with the most socially awkward lad the ladies can find for their big romantic scene... and promptly falls in love with him!

There are some great set pieces here, particularly the one in the comic shop with the proprietor who had his mind blown years previously by the cosmic power of Jack "King" Kirby's comicbook adaptation of the 2001: A Space Odyssey film. Which was a genuine thing! Now sadly out of print. It was such a profound kensh? that his life was transformed and he subsequently achieved the pinnacle of career success... becoming a comics retailer. Annie and Verti, having popped in for some cheap throwaway comics just to pass the time are rather less moved, being much more keen simply to move themselves out of the shop as fast as politely possible!

This is easily Dash Shaw's most accessible work to date, a wise choice I feel after such surrealist kaleidoscopic delights, both structurally and visually, as the former Page 45 Comicbook of the Month THE UNCLOTHED MAN IN THE 35TH CENTURY A.D. and NEW SCHOOL, brilliant as they both were. To my mind, his closest contemporaries in comics in that sense, despite fanatically ploughing his own furrow of fun, would be the likes of Michael STICKS ANGELICA, FOLK HERO DeForge, and, when he is on one of his own many out-there trips, Box AN ENTITY OBSERVES ALL THINGS Brown. This is moving much more in the direction of the farcical, not-so-sensibilities of Brecht THE MAKING OF Evens.

There is, of course, cosplay in there too, which Dash manages to make just as wince-worthy as I find it in real life. One set piece does indeed take place at a convention and makes me more eminently grateful than ever that the sum total of people dressing to impress at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

I'm sure it's all great fun if you are into it, I'm truly sure it is, but it really just isn't my thing. I'm all about reading comics, not living them out. My life is dramatic enough as it is without the need for repeated costume changes. Particularly ones made of stretchy material... Dash, though, perfectly manages to capture the fervent lycra-worshipping lunacy and backstabbing bitchiness of cosplay devotees that I am quite sure takes place at <ahem> comics conventions. Which is also perfect for me, because I can read about it rather than having to experience it!
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