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Apocrypha Now h/c

Apocrypha Now h/c back

Mark Russell & Shannon Wheeler


Page 45 Review by Stephen

In which God proves to be a wily old fella, constantly getting one over on a Satan who really should have seen it coming, but falls for it every time.

““Oh, for fuck’s sake,” Satan said.”

By “it” I mean the Deceitful (and Increasingly Exasperated) One is tricked by old Beardy Face in bets whose goal posts God moves in mysterious ways. He cheats, basically.

From the mirth-making miscreants responsible for GOD IS DISAPPOINTED IN YOU come the bits too bonkers even for the Bible, retold in a more modern context and vernacular for maximum incongruity. Both are prose accompanied by cartoons, and both are quite brilliant but I don’t have time for an extensive review today so please see GOD IS DISAPPOINTED IN YOU instead.

The title sold itself, and I gave five copies as Christmas presents the year it came out, one to an ex-Jehovah’s Witness.

Here you can relish the spectacular sexism of Solomon, the Creation of Earth (and the drastic reduction of the Moon in a fit of contrary petulance), the Creation of Man (controversial decision) and the frustration of King Nebuchadnezzar when furnace-flung Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego set their audience on fire with bitchin’ rhymes and snazzy dance moves.

“”Oh, come on,” the king said indignantly. “When did they have time to work on choreography?”

Their performance proves smokin’ but they’re not even singed.

Poor some lighter fluid on them, the king said. See if that helps.